Wildlife Contemplations: Reflections on Our Living World

Trigger Publishing

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Trigger Publishing

Published: 05-11-2020


Wildlife Contemplations is part of a series of simple but beautifully curated books on the wonders of the natural world. Providing a place for rest, contemplation and reflection, this book features a selection of quotes, extracts and poetry on the flora and fauna found in the world around us.

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The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. – Mahatma Gandhi This beautifully packaged book offers a rare opportunity to slow down, step back and receive the natural restorative power of nature. Through its evocative passages and quotes inspired by the natural world, the contemplative words will transport you to a captivating realm full of flora and fauna that will fill you with wonder. The beginning of beginning rhythm Is speech of the crowned crane. The crowned crane says, ‘I speak’. The word is beauty. An African Bambara poem – Praise for the Crane

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Dimensions 120 × 160 mm
Page Count 192