Why Rebel

Jay Griffiths

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

Published: 22-04-2021



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‘If bravery itself could write, it would write like she does’ John BergerWhy rebel?Because our footprint on the Earth has never mattered more than now. How we treat it, in the spirit of gift or of theft, has never been more important.Because we need a politics of kindness, but the very opposite is on the rise. Libertarian fascism, with its triumphal brutalism, its racism and misogyny – a politics that loathes the living world.Because nature is not a hobby. It is the life on which we depend, as Indigenous societies have never forgotten.Only when it is dark enough can you see the stars, and they are lining up now to write rebellion across the skies.From the author of Wild, this passionate, poetic manifesto for urgent rebellion against our imminent extinction is also a paean to the deep and extraordinary beauty of the natural world.

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