White Tiger, The

Aravind Adiga

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Atlantic Books

Published: 5th Apr '18


The iconic Booker Prize-winner: an unforgettable novel of corruption, murder and twisted morality in contemporary India, reissued in a stylish new livery as part of Atlantic’s Cult Classics series.

SKU: 9781786495013



Here’s a strange fact: murder a man, and you feel responsible for his life – possessive, even. You know more about him than his father and mother; they knew his foetus, but you know his corpse.Meet Balram Halwai, the ‘White Tiger’: servant, philosopher, entrepreneur… murderer. Balram was born in a backwater village on the River Ganges, the son of a rickshaw-puller. He works in a teashop, crushing coal and wiping tables, but nurses a dream of escape. When he learns that a rich village landlord needs a chauffeur, he takes his opportunity, and is soon on his way to Delhi at the wheel of a Honda. Amid cockroaches, call-centres, thirtysix-million gods, slums, shopping malls, and crippling traffic jams, Balram comes to see how the Tiger might slip the bars of his cage.

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