While We Were Getting High: Britpop & the ’90s in photographs with unseen images

Kevin Cummins

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group

Published: 24th Sep '20


A photographic portrait of Britpop, featuring the most iconic bands of the genre, with many never-before-seen images.

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A ROUGH TRADE BOOK OF THE YEAR”To flip through the book is to be immersed back in the glory days of Cool Britannia… and it’s just as cool as you remember”GQRemember Britpop and the ’90s through hundreds of its most striking images – with many seen here for the very first time. Taken by renowned photographer Kevin Cummins, chief photographer at the NME for more than a decade, the images in this book explore the rise and fall of Cool Britannia and all that came with it.Nostalgic, anarchic and featuring contributions from icons of the Britpop era including Noel Gallagher and Brett Anderson, While We Were Getting High is a seminal portrait of a decade like no other.Artists featured include:OasisBlurSuedePulpElasticaSupergrassThe CharlatansGeneSleeperKula ShakerEchobellyThe Bluetones…and many more

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