Where’s Santa’s Elf? Over 500 things to spot!

Bill Hope

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 1st Oct '20


A festive search-and-find book with over 500 things to spot!

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Help Henry the Elf make this Christmas the best one EVER! A festive search-and-find book with over 500 things to spot. Henry the Elf can’t believe it! He’s finally got a job at North Pole Festivities Incorporated. For his first job, he has been assigned a young girl named Stella. Henry needs to gather all of Stella’s favourite things to put in her stocking. Help Henry find every item for Stella’s stocking so that she can have the best Christmas ever! With over 60 things to find in every scene, from ear muffs and snowflakes to mince pies and Christmas crackers! Other titles in the series: Where’s Santa?, Where’s Santa Now?, Where’s Santa Around the World?

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