War Between the Tates, The

Alison Lurie

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Vintage Publishing

Published: 05-12-1994


Once the Tates were an attractive family, but now Erica is bored, Brian’s career is at a standstill, and the children have become revolting teenagers. Then Erica discovers that her husband is carrying on with one of his students. The author won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for “Foreign Affairs”.

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The War Between The Tates subtly dissects the disintegration of a perfect marriage. Brian Tate and his wife Erica seem to have it all: a strong relationship, beautiful children, good friends and enough money. But when Brian, a middle-aged professor of political science, begins an affair with a female student, the snug fabric of the Tates’ lives starts to unravel alarmingly fast.Alison Lurie enters into the worlds of husband, wife, adulteress and child with equal measures of empathy and humour in this richly imagined story of a family breakdown, set in the sharply observed domain of American academia.

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