Viz Annual 2021: The Wizard’s Sleeve: A Rousing Blast from the pages of Issues 272~281

Viz Magazine

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Dennis Publishing

Published: 22nd Sep '20


Celebrating yet another uneventful year, Viz deliver a memorable selection of comic masterpieces straight out of The Wizard’s Sleeve.

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By any standards, 2020 has been a momentous twelve months. The news has been dominated by huge headlines; the roof of a Slough block of flats was blown off by strong winds, Stormzy clashed with TV host Eamonn Holmes over his criticism of Meghan Markle, and Greggs launched their much-heralded Vegan Steak Bake. But in the future, when all these stories are nothing more than forgotten chapters in a dusty history book on the shelves of a closed library, this year will be remembered for just one thing; Viz – The Wizard’s Sleeve. Inside this extraordinarily sumptuous compilation annual, readers will find the very best bits from issues 272 to 281 of Viz Comic, Britain’s funniest* and best-selling** magazine, including: * Cartoons: The Fat Slags, Johnny Fartpants, Mrs Brady Old Lady, Roger Mellie, Eight Ace, The Pathetic Sharks, Biffa Bacon, Raffles the Gentleman Thug and many, many more * Features and news stories: Sex on the Moon; Is Your Neighbour a KGB Assassin?, Is Your Wife Having an Affair with the Milkman?; 24 Things You Never Knew About Gold; The Stag Night of the Future and many, many more * Thrilling adventures: Ed Sheeran’s Fountain of Popularity; Tony Hadley’s True Crime; Invasion of the Space Wasps with Kirstie & Phil; Jimbo Jones and his Robot Beauty Pageant; Jack Black and his Dog Silver and many, many more * Viz’s famous Letters and Top Tips * Spoof ads, articles, free gifts and other assorted tatWhether you’re looking for the ideal Christmas gift for a loved one, a book to keep on the toilet cistern, or merely something to prop up the leg of a wobbly kitchen table***, a copy of Viz – The Wizard’s Sleeve is a great way to round this fabulous year off in style.

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Page Count 220