Virtual Light

William Gibson

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

Published: 28th Jul '11


Chevette rides as a courier, banging her paper laminate-framed bike through the streets of a future Frisco – she lives for it. On an impulse, she’s risked everything; stolen a pair of sunglasses from some jerk. No ordinary shades, either: loaded with super-sensitive data, they could decide the destiny of the entire city.

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A gripping techno-thriller from William Gibson, bestselling author of NeuromancerSan Francisco, the nearish future:Ex-cop Berry Rydell’s lost one job he didn’t much like and landed another he likes even less. Some sunglasses – actually high-end kit involving Virtual Reality and super-sensitive data – were stolen from a courier, and a man named Warbaby’s been charged with retrieving them.Warbaby needs a driver and Rydell is the perfect fit. But when the courier is killed and Warbaby gets to work – giving Rydell a taste of what’s expected and exactly what’s at stake – he has second thoughts. Especially when he comes face to face with Chevette, stealer of sunglasses, who’ll land an ex-cop in a heap of trouble . . .’Audacious, witty and passionate. A wonderful read’ Observer’A stunner . . . a terrifically stylish burst of kick-butt imagination’ Entertainment Weekly’Studded with crackling insights into the relationship between technology, culture and morality, Virtual Lightdoesn’t miss its stride for a nanosecond’ Time Out

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