Virtual Light: A biting tehno-thriller from the multi-million copy bestselling author of Neuromancer

William Gibson

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

Published: 28th Jul '11


Chevette rides as a courier, banging her paper laminate-framed bike through the streets of a future Frisco – she lives for it. On an impulse, she’s risked everything; stolen a pair of sunglasses from some jerk. No ordinary shades, either: loaded with super-sensitive data, they could decide the destiny of the entire city.

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‘Doesn’t come any more stylish than this’ Sunday Telegraph—–THE FIRST BOOK IN THE BRIDGE SERIES – READ IDORU AND ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES FOR MORESan Francisco in the nearish future. Ex-cop Berry Rydell’s lost one job he didn’t much like and landed another he likes even less. Some sunglasses – actually high-end kit infused with super-sensitive data – were stolen from a courier, and a man named Warbaby’s been charged with retrieving them. And Warnaby needs Rydell’s help.But, with SFPD Homicide involved, an abandoned bridge populated by freaks and misfits, and some weirdness involving the Republic of Desire and a ‘Death Star’, it’s turning out to be a very strange and dangerous scene indeed . . .Can Rydell navigate this unsteady reality in time to save the city . . . and himself?William Gibson, author of the classic Neuromancer and creator of cyberpunk, here turns his hyper-acute imagination on the near future – to supercharged, nerve-shredding effect.NOMINATED FOR BOTH THE HUGO AND THE LOCUS AWARDS—– ‘Audacious, witty and passionate. A wonderful read’ Observer ‘A stunner . . . a terrifically stylish burst of kick-butt imagination’ Entertainment Weekly ‘Studded with crackling insights into the relationship between technology, culture and morality’ Time Out

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