Vegano Italiano: 150 Vegan Recipes from the Italian Table

Rosalba Gioffre

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: WW Norton & Co

Published: 19-09-2017


An authentic Italian cookbook featuring 100% plant-based recipes.

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The Italian table, from north to south, has always borne minestrone, bean soups, bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil, pastas with vegetable sauces, preserves and fruit. These dishes, typical of the Mediterranean diet, are all also entirely compatible with the vegan point of view. Vegano Italiano celebrates these dishes and more, with recipes including: Crostini with Marinated Zucchini, Spaghetti with Wild Asparagus, Cream of Pumpkin and Potato Soup with Chestnuts and Cherry Strudel. Seasonal, mouth-watering and fun, these recipes will let the whole family experiment with new dishes, reinvent old favourites and get the most out of local, seasonal ingredients.

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