Using Image and Narrative in Therapy for Trauma, Addiction and Recovery

James West, Martin Weegmann

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Published: 21st Apr '21


Through contributions and research from recognised professionals in the field, this book looks at narrative and image-based therapeutic methods in supporting those dealing with trauma and addiction. By exploring trauma and addiction alongside each other, the close practical association between the two is reflected, offering a unique perspective.

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With contributions from well-respected figures in the field, this book explores the use of narrative and image in the therapeutic treatment of trauma and addiction. The book considers topics such as early trauma and its impacts, therapeutic methods based on images and narrative, and recovery and post-traumatic growth through community engagement. Despite a close practical association between the two, trauma and addiction are often addressed or treated separately. By considering them together, this book offers a rare perspective and is an invaluable tool for art and narrative therapists, as well as professionals supporting those dealing with addiction or trauma.

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