Up Until Now: A memoir

Petrea King

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Published: 04-10-2018


The inspirational true story of an amazing woman who has devoted her life to helping people experiencing life-threatening illnesses and devastating mental distress.

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As a child Petrea King was dogged by health issues, spending months in hospital over many years. After leaving school, her desire to help others impelled her to become a nurse, then later to qualify as a naturopath, herbalist, homoeopath, yoga instructor and meditation teacher. In her early thirties Petrea was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and given little chance of surviving. She defied her dire prognosis, and believes meditation and coming to terms with past traumas, including the suicide of her brother Brenden, were key to her recovery. Motivated by her own experiences, Petrea founded the Quest for Life Foundation to support people suffering devastating physical and mental illnesses. Up Until Now is her inspirational tale of how she overcame her own challenges to dedicate her life to others.

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