Unstoppable Journal

Ben Angel

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press

Published: 20-02-2020


In his book Unstoppable, Ben Angel helped thousands of people take back their health, lower their stress, and biohack a more productive version of themselves. Now, in The Unstoppable Journal, Ben walks readers through their own unstoppable journey with daily tasks, checklists, check-ins, and more during the course of 13 weeks.

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Boost focus, destroy fatigue and get the energy you need to last the distance. Planners are a phenomenal organizational tool, but if you’re hit with brain fog, fatigue, or stress, your task list can get left undone. Being productive isn’t just about your psychology, it’s also about your biochemistry. We can’t pay a high psychological price without paying a high biological one. and that price is paid by the brain which can lead to extreme fatigue, anxiety, burn-out, poor productivity, and yes, even depression. The Unstoppable Journal was designed to help you pinpoint specific triggers that dull your focus, zap your energy, trigger anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm while giving you proven strategies based on psychology, neuroscience, and biohacking. This easy-to-use planner will help you structure your day, give you tips to increase your energy, and reach your goals faster than ever before.

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Dimensions 152 × 229 mm
Page Count 190