Unseen Body, The: A Doctor’s Journey Through the Hidden Wonders of Human Anatomy

Jonathan Reisman

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Headline Publishing Group

Published: 26th Oct '21


In this fascinating journey through the human body and across the globe, Dr Reisman weaves together stories about our insides with a unique perspective on life, culture, and the natural world.

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In his beautifully written prose, Dr Jonathan Reisman – physician, adventure traveller and naturalist – allows readers to navigate their insides like an explorer discovering a new world.Through his offbeat adventures in healthcare and travel, Reisman discovers new perspectives on the body: a trip to the Alaskan Arctic reveals that fat is not the enemy, but the hero; a stint in the Himalayas uncovers the boundary where the brain ends and the mind begins; and eating a sheep’s head in Iceland offers a lesson in empathy. By relating his experiences in far-flung lands and among unique cultures back to the body’s inner workings, he shows how our organs live inextricably intertwined lives in an internal ecosystem that reflects the natural world around us.Reisman’s unique perspective on the natural world and his expert wielding of wit ultimately helps us make sense of our lives, our bodies and our world in a way readers have never before imagined.

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