Unofficial Harry Potter College Cookbook, The: A Magical Collection of Simple and Spellbinding Recipes to Conjure in the Common Room or the Great Hall

Aline Shaw, Aurelia Beaupommier, Grace McQuillan

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

Published: 29th Oct '20


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Hitch a ride on the Hogwarts Express and eat just like Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, and all your favorite characters from the Wizarding World! A love of food has always been part of the Harry Potter universe, from the fabulous feasts served in the Great Hall to the sweets exchanged in the common room. Whether you’re running to catch a bus or train, an eternal latecomer, or a hardworking student, you will find something in these pages to make you happy, rain or shine! Every one of these recipes has been concocted with love for occasions large and small, to be enjoyed alone or with friends, at home or on the go. Included are dozens of recipes from across the Wizarding World such as: Goblet of Fire SoupGreat Hall Shepherd’s PieUmbridge’s Pink Mug CakeCornelius’s FudgeElf WineRon’s Usual SandwichAuthentic Cold and Warm ButterbeerAnd many, many more! Easy, step-by-step recipes are perfect for any young witch or wizard and will have you prepping feasts worthy of the Hogwarts Great Hall. So spread your wings and get cooking with The Unofficial Harry Potter College Cookbook. And whatever you do, don’t forget your snack!

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