Unnatural Death of a Jacobite, The

Douglas Watt

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Luath Press Ltd

Published: 4th Apr '19


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It’s 1689 and the body of a young lawyer has been discovered near Craigleith Quarry, Edinburgh. Meanwhile, in the Highlands, an army is trying to crush the government in the hope of restoring James Stewart to the throne. Bonnie Dundee is at the head of an army in the Highlands looking to crush the government forces and help restore James Stewart. Was the discovered body anything to do with the rise of the Jacobites? Or was it simple the result of an office rivalry? Did the young man perhaps have connections to criminals in the city? Investigative lawyer John MacKenzie and his assistant Scougall search for the truth in this gripping new instalment of Douglas Watt’s John MacKenzie series.

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