Universe Speaks in Numbers, The: How Modern Maths Reveals Nature’s Deepest Secrets

Graham Farmelo

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Faber & Faber

Published: 02-05-2019


Many of the world’s leading physicists are confident that they are on track to discover a new understanding of the universe which will entail a complete rethink of gravity, space and time. What is extraordinary is that they are achieving these breakthroughs through thought alone.

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‘A superbly written, riveting book.’ MARTIN REES, Astronomer Royal ‘I am overcome with admiration for its range and profundity. An amazing achievement.’ MICHAEL FRAYN ‘A wonderful book.’ TOM STOPPARD A groundbreaking exploration of how the interplay of physics and mathematics has enriched our understanding of the universe – essential reading for anyone who wants to grasp how physicists are attempting, in Stephen Hawking’s words, to ‘know the mind of God’. Searching for the fundamental laws of the universe, physicists have found themselves developing ambitious mathematical ideas. But without observation and experiment as their guide, are they now doing ‘fairy-tale physics’ as their detractors claim? In The Universe Speaks in Numbers, Graham Farmelo argues that today’s greatest scientific minds are working in a tradition that dates back to Newton. He takes us on an adventure, from the Enlightenment to the breakthroughs of Einstein and Dirac, to the work of modern physicists and mathematicians shedding light on each other’s disciplines, to their mutual surprise and excitement. This blossoming relationship is responsible for huge advances in our understanding of space and time – and as Farmelo explains, could redefine reality as we know it. LISTEN TO THE ACCOMPANYING PODCAST featuring interviews with leading scientists at www.grahamfarmelo.com

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