Understanding Development

Alessandro Minelli

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Published: 20th May '21


Using familiar examples and easy-to-follow arguments, this concise book offers fresh alternatives to a number of widespread misconceptions about development. It will appeal to anyone interested in novel views and ideas in biology, including biologists, science educators, philosophers, students and general readers.

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Developmental biology is seemingly well understood, with development widely accepted as being a series of programmed changes through which an egg turns into an adult organism, or a seed matures into a plant. However, the picture is much more complex than that: is it all genetically controlled or does environment have an influence? Is the final adult stage the target of development and everything else just a build-up to that point? Are developmental strategies the same in plants as in animals? How do we consider development in single-celled organisms? In this concise, engaging volume, Alessandro Minelli, a leading developmental biologist, addresses these key questions. Using familiar examples and easy-to-follow arguments, he offers fresh alternatives to a number of preconceptions and stereotypes, awakening the reader to the disparity of developmental phenomena across all main branches of the tree of life.

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