Understanding and Treating Chronic Fatigue: A Practical Guide for Patients, Families, and Practitioners

Joel L. Young

Format: Hardback

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Published: 19-08-2020


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Some doctors still think Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a “fake” diagnosis. In this book, Joel Young, MD, presents the research, experience, and treatments that prove otherwise.Millions of Americans experience chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), continuous exhaustion and a feeling comparable to that of having just run a marathon when all they have done is a daily living task, such as taking a shower or getting dressed.Doctors don’t have tests for CFS, and some think it’s a faux or psychological disorder. Joel Young, MD, in this heavily researched book, explains why it is a true physical illness, and how it may be treated. He details how he successfully treats the symptoms, which can include severe fatigue, “brain fog,” chronic pain, and sleep problems. Unlike doctors who recommend exercise, supplements, or opioid medications, Young integrates options such as long-acting stimulants, meditation, and dietary changes to reduce fatigue and non-opioid drugs, medical marijuana, and self-help options including yoga for the associated chronic pain.Features new and emerging researchCautions against quack treatments and so-called “quick fixes”Includes an appendix listing commonly asked questions with short answersIncludes a glossary of terms