Two Tribes

Chris Beckett

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Atlantic Books

Published: 1st Apr '21


A thought-provoking novel about how humans define themselves, and each other, and what that means for our future. From an Arthur C. Clarke award-winning author.

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‘Brilliantly and chillingly imagined’ Guardian’Explored with wit, thoughtfulness and emotional weight’ SpectatorAs a historian in the bleak, climate-ravaged twenty-third century, it’s Zoe’s job to record and archive the past, not to recreate it. But when she comes across the diaries of Harry and Michelle, who lived two hundred years ago, she becomes fascinated by the minutiae of their lives and decides to write a novel about them, filling in the gaps with her own imaginings.Harry and Michelle meet just after the Brexit referendum when Harry’s car breaks down outside a small town in Norfolk. Despite their different backgrounds, and Michelle having voted Leave while Harry voted Remain, they are drawn to each other and begin a relationship.From her long perspective, the way Zoe sees their world is somewhat different from the way we see it now. Two Tribes becomes a reflection on the way our ideas are shaped by class and social circumstances, and how they change without us even noticing. It explores what divides us and what brings us together. And it asks where we may be headed next.

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