Truth Detective, The: Practical Tools for Everyday Critical Thinking

Alex O'Brien

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Profile Books Ltd

Published: 03-02-2022



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Uncertainty, risk, ambiguity, emotion, non-verbal behaviour – in so many ways life is like a game of poker. So approach it like a poker player, with critical thinking. In The Truth Detective, science journalist and competitive poker player Alex O’Brien shows how we can survive and prosper in a world full of uncertainty and incomplete information. It’s a book about getting to the truth. You’ll meet a host of experts who break down the science of navigating a world in which fact and fiction are becoming increasingly hard to tell apart. Presenting evidence from psychological research and a range of professionals – from FBI agents and behavioural economists to poker aces and bounty hunters – O’Brien assembles strategies we can all use to analyse the information that surrounds us every day. Tackle life like a poker player. Let your critical thinking guide you through the jungle of disinformation – and on to success in the game of life.

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Dimensions 135 × 216 mm
Page Count 288