Trust No One: Inside the World of Deepfakes

Michael Grothaus

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton General Division

Due to be published: 11th Nov '21

Pre-order - This hardback title is not yet published, due 11th Nov '21


From porn to politics, deepfake tech can create video evidence of anything. Seeing is believing but soon, you won’t be able to trust anything you see online

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Deepfake technology can create video evidence of just about anything: Hollywood superstar Margot Robbie in an orgyChinese president Xi Jinping declaring nuclear warbasketball legend Michael Jordan winning the World Cup. The only limit is the imagination. In a time where fake news and disinformation is becoming harder and harder to identify, it is more essential than ever to understand the dark origins of deepfakes. Journalist Michael Grothaus goes down the rabbit hole as he interviews the often morally dubious, yet incredibly skilled creators of this content. It’s a journey that opens a window into the communities transforming reality. Challenging, enlightening and terrifying, Trust No One asks the question other people are too scared to: what happens when you can no longer believe your own eyes?

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