Trump v Trump

Orion Publishing Group

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Orion Publishing Co

Published: 03-10-2019


The perfect stocking filler this Christmas, TRUMP V TRUMP is the hilarious quiz book that tests your abilities to guess the Trumpisms from the hot air

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Can you tell the Trumpisms from the hot air?!?!The big bad media just keeps on spreading tall tales, but at long last here is a book that can help you hone your skills of fishing the truth from the lies! On each page of this book, you’ll find two statements on the same subject matter. One is from the real Trump (i.e. a definitive quote from DJT about happenings in the USA, the rest of the world, people and general wisdom). The other is your average trump (something we made up, fake news, hot air, smoke in the wind, a big fat fart). For example* . . .A) TRUMP: Climate change has happened since dinosaur times, it’s happened since cave men walked the earth. And they didn’t have cars in the Ice Age.orB) TRUMP: It’s really cold outside, they are calling it a major freeze, weeks ahead of normal. Man, we could use a big fat dose of global warming!The perfect stocking filler for quiz-hungry politicos this Christmas, TRUMP V TRUMP will keep you entertained for hours.—–* The Answer is B! Donald tweeted this back on 19 October 2015 – because who isn’t wistful for climate change?

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