Trenton Makes

Tadzio Koelb

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Atlantic Books

Published: 02-08-2018


Sharp, glittering and murderous, Trenton Makes ‘boasts the force of real freshness’ (New York Times).

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“A novel of bewitching ingenuity” New York Times”Electrifying” Lit HubAbe Kunstler wants his share of the American Dream, which for him is a factory job, a wife and a family. Getting these things will be harder for Abe than it is for other people, however, because his life is a lie – an invention forged in the heat of a terrible crime. Haunted by his past, terrified of exposure, and searching obsessively for redemption, Abe moves from one ruthless act to the next, tricking an alcoholic young taxi-dancer into becoming first his wife, then the mother of a child she believes is his. When the life they have built is threatened, he becomes desperate, until even Abe himself isn’t sure how far he’ll go to keep his secret.SHORTLISTED FOR THE CENTER FOR FICTION FIRST NOVEL PRIZE

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