To Walk Alone in the Crowd

Antonio Munoz Molina, Guillermo Bleichmar, Peter Straus

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Profile Books Ltd

Published: 5th May '22


The sheer energy of the digital metropolis – superb fiction from a Spanish master at the peak of his powers.

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Winner of the 2020 Prix Medicis etranger I want to live on foot, by hand, by pencil, at ease, responsive to whatever I meet, loose like the air that moves around my body as I walk or like a graceful swimming stroke. I want to remain astonished. Join Antonio Munoz Molina for a walk through Madrid, Paris, London and New York, where the past and the present live side by side in the literature of newspaper headlines, billboards, casual glances and overheard conversation. This is the digital metropolis, captured in notebooks, recorded on the iPhone, where Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville, Charles Baudelaire, Thomas de Quincey, Fernando Pessoa and Walter Benjamin step beside us, all of us writing the unfinished poem of the crowded city.

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