Through the Leopard’s Gaze

Njambi McGrath

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Jacaranda Books Art Music Ltd

Published: 04-02-2020


Through the Leopard’s Gaze is an amazing memoir chronicling the award winning comedian’s difficult but inspiring life growing up in Kenya. Her book illuminates family abuse, racism identity and emotional triumph through the lenses of the author’s personal history and the history of Kenya.

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In her captivating memoir Through the Leopard’s Gaze, Njambi McGrath details the harrowing circumstances of her life as a young girl in Kenya, who one fateful night was beaten to a pulp and left for dead. Thirteen-year-old Njambi, fearing her assailant would return to finish her, courageously escaped, walking through the night in the Kenyan countryside, risking wild animals, robbers and murderers, before being picked up by two shabbily dressed but safe men. She buries the memories of that fateful day and night, and years later ends up in London with a British husband and children. Then one day a simple unassuming wedding invitation arrives in her mailbox causing her to have to confront the remnants of a past she had thought was behind her. This is a book about survival, and courage when all else fails. It’s a searingly honest examination of human cruelty and strength in equal measure. “Important Voice” THE TIMES “Deliciously tart lines” Evening Standard”Compelling rarely heard perspective” FESTMAG”Cutting edge confident comedian” FRINGEREVIEW”A must see” THE SCOTSMAN “Trail blazing” THE GUARDIAN

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