This Book is Worth EURO25,000: Easy ways to save thousands of euro right now

Charlie Weston, Karl Deeter

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Gill

Published: 01-09-2017


Personal finance experts Charlie Weston and Karl Deeter share their tips and tricks for saving thousands of euro by making small, simple changes to how you manage your money.

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How would you like to increase the amount of money you have to spare without doing any extra work? So much of what we hear about personal finance is confusing, time-consuming or a lot of hassle. Here, the authors promise that with some very small, simple changes to how you manage your money, you can vastly improve your financial outlook. Each chapter covers a single common personal finance topic, and explains how you can make better choices in this area, the amount you can expect to save over a year, the time it will take to follow the tip, and a star rating for the complexity or ‘hassle factor’ (one star being the easiest and fastest, five stars requiring the most commitment). Personal finance experts Charlie Weston and Karl Deeter see every day how too many of us pay over the odds, get ripped off or simply don’t maximise the money we have. Here they share all the money-saving tips and tricks they have garnered over the years. It may seem hard to believe, but each chapter has a value, and if you were to use them all to their fullest extent, this book can save you up to EURO25,000.

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