Achy Obejas, Rita Indiana

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: And Other Stories

Published: 7th Nov '18


Plucked from post-apocalyptic Santo Domingo, Acilde finds herself at the heart of a prophecy: she must travel back in time and save the ocean from disaster. Electric and visionary, Tentacle plunges into climate change, Yoruba ritual, queer politics, poverty, colonialism and art. It’s a restless, addictive trip.

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Plucked from her life on the streets of post-apocalyptic Santo Domingo, young maid Acilde Figueroa finds herself at the heart of a voodoo prophecy: only she can travel back in time and save the ocean – and humanity – from disaster. But first she must become the man she always was – with the help of a sacred anemone.Tentacle is an electric novel with a big appetite and a brave vision, plunging headfirst into questions of climate change, technology, Yoruba ritual, queer politics, poverty, sex, colonialism and contemporary art. Bursting with punk energy and lyricism, it’s a restless, addictive trip: The Tempest meets the telenovela.

Additional information

Dimensions 129 × 198 mm
Page Count 160