Talking About Relationships, A

Louise Spilsbury

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Hachette Children's Group

Published: 10-12-2020


Books that take a look at issues from two sides to encourage positive and proactive engagement with difficult situations

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A positive and proactive book that helps you understand and cope with relationships.There’s two sides to every story. In Relationships, you will read two sides to the dilemmas, sticky situations or issues that children sometimes have to face when interacting with others. Relationships tackles situations including: parents not trusting you, sibling conflicts, stepfamilies, evolving friendships, peer pressure and frenemies. The book is structured to help readers see that problems might look different depending on your perspective. This book gently encourages children to be proactive in speaking up and asking for help, both for themselves and others.It shows some simple ways to positively resolve situations, deal with their emotions and maybe even change their mind.The book includes top tips for dealing with your emotions and conflict resolution.The A Problem Shared series looks at tricky situations and common problems from two sides. The books encourage the reader to not only speak out, but also to listen to what others have to say. Some of the core values of PSHE are empathy, mindfulness and engaging with debate and this series puts the reader firmly in the middle, allowing them to make up their own mind about the scenarios presented and to question their own initial assumptions or bias.Perfect resources for students of PSHE at Key Stage 2 aged 9+, these books are also useful as opportunities for discussion topics in class or as role play situations.Title in this series are:BullyingDeathMental HealthPrejudiceRelationshipsSocial Media

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