System of Objects, The

Jean Baudrillard

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Verso Books

Published: 24th Mar '20


A tour de force of the materialist semiotics of the early Baudrillard

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The System of Objects is a tour de force-a theoretical letter-in-a-bottle tossed into the ocean in 1968, which brilliantly communicates to us all the live ideas of the day-offering a cultural critique of the commodity in consumer society. Weaving Freudian and semiotic analysis with Marxism, Baudrillard seeks to analyse the immense proliferation of objects in modern society-from the clutter of a bourgeois home to the system of adverts and commercials all around us. In doing so, Baudrillard opened up new avenues for materialist analysis.

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Dimensions 129 × 198 mm
Page Count 240