Success Is a Choice: Make the Choices that Make You Successful

John C. Maxwell

Format: Hardback

Publisher: HarperCollins Focus

Published: 29th Oct '20


Talent is just the starting point for a successful life. It’s the choices people make that take them beyond talent and propel them to extraordinary success in life and leadership.

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Are you tired of not reaching your full potential? Do you feel you have the talent to succeed but are unappreciated and trapped?Abridged from his New York Times bestselling book, Beyond Talent, John Maxwell asks if you are tired of not reaching your full potential and feel you have the talent to succeed but are unappreciated and trapped. If this describes you, in Success Is a Choice, you can learn the right choices that lead to success from John Maxwell, the go-to-guru for business professionals across the globe. Take the next steps that successful people chose, including:Believing in themselvesFiring up their passionInitiating actionFocusing their energyCultivating good relationshipsEmbracing practiceThe choices you make in addition to your talent make the greatest difference. With authentic examples and time-tested wisdom, Maxwell shares fourteen choices you need to make to live the life of your dreams. It’s time to go beyond talent by making right choices that will help you really stand out.

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