Stop Believing Bullshit and Actually Start Helping Yourself: A Smart Person’s Guide to Inspirational Nonsense

James Adonis

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: The History Press Ltd

Published: 12-01-2021


Renowned leadership coach James Adonis exposes the truth behind the motivational myths that all too often hold us back from making real change in our life. A reality check like no other, Stop Believing Bullsh*t and Actually Help Yourself is among the most refreshing, liberating and surprisingly comforting books you’ll read this year.

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Everywhere you turn, there’s a motivational quote to greet you – on social media posts, clothing, billboards … you name it, one will be there. Sure, they can make us feel motivated, for an instant, but are they actually doing us more harm than good? In Stop Believing Bullsh*t, highly respected leadership educator James Adonis offers sense in place of the sparkling nonsense that permeates the inspiration industry. He exposes the unrealistic cliches and misleading mantras that frequently just end up making you feel bad, replacing them with evidence-based insights that are no less motivating, but are credible, reliable and, most importantly, scientifically tested. A reality check like no other, Stop Believing Bullsh*t is a refreshing, liberating and surprisingly comforting read that will empower you to see beyond the mantras and gimmicks, and instead offer you the tools you need to really change your life.

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Page Count 192