Spark Connection: 50 Ways to Build Community and Bond

Chronicle Books

Format: Other printed item

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Published: 04-02-2021



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This addition to the hit Spark series is the gift of friendship and community. This shimmering matchbox inspires meaningful connections. Inside are 50 faux matchsticks featuring prompts for forging new friendships, deepening existing bonds, and encouraging social engagement. * A FUN, UNIQUE WAY TO LIGHT A SPARK: This foil-covered box slides open to reveal 50 kraft sticks in the shape of matches and makes a beautiful addition to the nightstand or desk. Simply draw a stick whenever you could use a spark. It’s a fun and unique way to shake up the routine! * CONNECTIONS ARE A KEY TO HAPPINESS: Connections give us strength! Meaningful friendships and community can help bring us the sense of belonging we need to lead a happy and healthy life. * A GREAT GIFT: This little box of inspiration is a sweet and thoughtful gift for people who may be starting a new chapter, moving to a new neighborhood, or just seeking a fulfilling social life. Shimmering with foil, this faux matchbox makes an easy add-on gift (a perfect pair with candles!) for housewarming, birthdays, or just because. * SAMPLE PROMPTS: * Lend your skills and talents to your community. * Get in touch with a loved one and recall a fun shared memory. * Engage with your community by volunteering for local organizations. * Share a good laugh-or a good cry-with someone close. Perfect for: * Gift shoppers * People seeking housewarming, birthday, or Mother’s Day gifts

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