Sobering: Lessons Learnt the Hard Way on Drinking, Thinking and Quitting

Melissa Rice

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: September Publishing

Published: 25th Feb '21


A true story of social drinking turned to self-destruction. Written with fierce humour, honesty and a desire to share some good advice, learnt the hard way.

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‘I don’t know if I was born with it, caught it or bought it; I just know that, at some point in my life, a line was crossed: I needed a drink to get through life, to calm the nerves and quiet the head, and I became reliant on alcohol to change how I felt.’ Sobering is the story of an insecure teenager turned Liverpudlian party girl, schoolteacher turned alcoholic and now recovering alcoholic turned award-winning podcaster. Melissa’s story is as dramatic as her unique voice, but her message is universal: mental health issues often drive vulnerable people to addiction and working on mental health and personal development can help recovery. Written with the expert help of rehab and addiction specialists, and with insights from other recovering alcoholics and addicts, Sobering covers everything from denial, isolation and shame to getting help and rebuilding relationships. This is a personal story with a mission: to help anyone worried about their drinking to understand themselves and move forward with wisdom to make that hardest decision of all – to stay sober.

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Dimensions 138 × 216 mm
Page Count 320