Sleepless: A Thousand Wakeful Nights, One Solution

Anders Bortne, Lucy Moffatt

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Sandstone Press Ltd

Published: 24th Sep '20


Anders Bortne cannot sleep to the point where his health and family are at risk. His story, and those of others, and the facts he has uncovered about the condition, will be fascinating to many.

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Anders Bortne has a nice life in Oslo. Married to a wonderful woman, with two delightful children, his days are occupied by his creative work. Not all is well though, Anders has been sleepless for sixteen years, and it is taking its toll on his life and his family. No remedy has gone untested: sleeping pills, yoga, herbs, acupuncture, hypnosis, but none has worked. What do we know about the most important hours of the day? What is the history of sleep, and how is our health affected? Sleepless is a book for everyone who lies awake at night and wonders what to do about it. Anders’s last resort was just across the street.

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