Six Ways to Sunday

Karly Lane

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Published: 6th Feb '20


A captivating tale about a woman determined to stand up for her convictions, risking her future with the man she loves.

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‘ . . . a brilliant story of courage in the face of adversity; of fighting for what you believe is right; and the way some some small rural communities are left behind and forgotten in time’s advancement. A five-star read.’ Reading, Writing & Riesling’ . . . fast paced, well-written . . . convincing and spirited.’ The Weekly TimesWhen city naturopath Rilee Summers meets tall, laidback farmer Dan Kincaid, sparks fly. A whirlwind romance follows, and the next thing Rilee knows, she’s married and living on her husband’s family property in a small rural community.It’s hard getting to know her new husband under the eyes of his entire family but, never one to shy from a challenge, Rilee is determined to win over her in-laws and the townsfolk of nearby Pallaburra. Unfortunately, her city ways and outspoken views only seem to alienate them further.Worn down by the town’s ill-will and Dan’s lack of support, Rilee flees the station to think about the future. This wasn’t how her life was supposed to turn out. Can her marriage survive?

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