Sexuality: The Basics

Kari Lerum

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd

Due to be published: 31st Dec '23

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Sexuality: The Basics is an introductory guide to the diverse and ever changing field of sexuality studies and its intersection with gender, women’s and queer studies. Drawing on the humanities, social sciences and health sciences, this text examines the key concepts and issues within this field of study, answering important questions including: What is sexuality about and how do we define it? In what ways can we study human sexuality? How does sexuality intersect with other aspects of identity? What are ‘sexuality industries’? What are ‘sexual rights’ and how does sexuality relate to politics and regulation? How can we study sexuality on a global scale? What is the importance of sexual health? Providing an accessible map and overview of the subject, Sexuality: The Basics is ideal reading for anyone beginning a course in the fields of sexuality and gender studies, and those in related social science and humanities disciplines looking to learn more about an issue which is central to social life.

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