Seven Seas, The: Voyages in Verse and Colour

John Elinger, Sandra Lello

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Signal Books Ltd

Published: 30th Sep '21


A celebration of the sea in poetry and painting

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The Seven Seas is a celebration of the sea, and of the seven oceans on earth, in poetry and painting. The land, the seven continents of our planet, usually takes centre stage with its diverse populations of flora and fauna, and humanity – ourselves. But this book gives first place to the water, the element that covers some seventy per cent of the earth’s surface, and the life above and within it. The volume is organised to reveal the nature and character of the seven oceans (‘the seven seas’, as poets have traditionally called them) and the principal ports that link them as one vast waterway. It contains a series of seven voyages which together comprise one extensive and imaginary tour of the world, encircling the globe three times at different latitudes and visiting both the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans at the northern and southern extremes. After a lively Foreword and a learned Introduction, describing the ocean today and its history, the sea-routes and landfalls of the voyage – and also providing a short account of the arts of poetry and painting – the book is arranged in seven chapters representing each of ‘the seven seas’ in turn, beginning and ending at Greenwich. The imaginary voyage explores the North Atlantic first, followed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean, then the Antarctic, before turning northwards again to tour the South Atlantic, passing through the Panama Canal to reach the South and North Pacific, and finally the Arctic Ocean, the Baltic and North Sea, before returning home. Each port of call is characterised in Sandra Lello’s delightful illustrations and thoughtful verses from the pen of John Elinger, who are each experienced travellers and cruise-lecturers.

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