Serving Time Too: A Memoir of My Son’s Prison Years

Patricia Dunlavy Valenti, Rosalind Boone Williams

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: University Press of America

Published: 29th May '19


Serving Time Too: A Memoir of My Son’s Prison Years reveals how a mother’s loving fidelity to her son throughout his incarceration and after his release makes her an unintended victim of crime and punishment. Millions have lived this story, but Williams is the first to present it in print.

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Serving Time Too: A Memoir of My Son’s Prison Years is the universally accessible story of a mother and son: what she knew about him; what she will never understand; how she helped him, and when she needed to let him go. But Rosalind Williams’ memoir is unique because her unconditional love for Marell persisted after his conviction for murder. During his sixteen years in prison and for two-and-a-half years after his release, every aspect of Rosalind’s life was affected by her fidelity to him and by the failures of a penal system tinged with racial and class inequities. Rosalind tells a personal story with enormous significance to society. She is an unflinchingly fair, sometimes self-critical narrator who reflects upon the enticements of violence and crime, especially for African American young men, despite the values they are taught at home. Her experiences demonstrate the damage that crime and punishment inflict upon those good people who stand by loved ones during and after incarceration. This memoir will comfort anyone related to the 2.3 million people behind bars in the United States. Others will hear a call to reform and, more importantly, they will feel compassion for the offender’s family, and the offender. No other book in print takes Rosalind’s perspective on the problems of crime and incarceration.

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