Sedating Elaine

Dawn Winter

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Brown Book Group, Little

Published: 5th May '22


An unforgettable, darkly funny novel from a brilliant new talent, perfect for fans of Otessa Moshfegh, Taffy Brodesser-Akner and Kate Davies

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‘tender, vicious, hilarious, exhilarating, devastating and HOPEFUL’Daisy Buchanan’my favourite kind of debut novel’Caroline O’Donoghue’a riotous rollercoaster of hilarity, tenderness and beautiful craziness that kept me hooked from the start’Sara Lawrence, Daily MailAn exuberant black comedy about love, grief, sex, guilt, and one woman’s harebrained scheme to tranquilize her voraciously amorous girlfriend for a few days so that she might pay off her drug dealer, make soup, and finally get some peace and quiet.Frances was not looking for a relationship when she met Elaine in a bar. She was, in fact, looking to drown her sorrows in a pint or twelve and nurse a broken heart, shattered by the gorgeous, electric Adrienne. But somehow (it involved a steady stream of beer and weed, as things often did with Frances) Elaine ended up in Frances’s bed and never left. Now, faced with mounting pressure from her drug dealer, Dom (and his goon, Betty), Frances comes up with a terrible idea: For the rent money, she asks Elaine to move in with her for real. Unfortunately, this seemingly romantic overture makes Elaine even more sex-crazed and maniacal with love. Frances fears she may never escape the relationship, so, given no choice, she makes the obvious decision: She will sedate Elaine. A story as enthusiastically madcap and funny as it is smart and emotionally surprising, Sedating Elaine introduces a roster of unforgettable characters and an indelible, wildly exciting new voice in fiction.

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