School of Numbers, The: A Galaxy of Maths

Daniel Frost (illustrator), Emily Hawkins

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions

Published: 07-03-2019


Hop on board the School of Numbers spaceship and head off on an intergalactic journey that introduces young readers to key math concepts including basic arithmetic, averages, shapes, sequences and problem solving.

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Greetings Cadet! Congratulations on being accepted into the prestigious Astro Academy for math! Now strap on your space boots, secure you helmet and let’s get ready for a mathematical journey like no other!Hop on board the spaceship School of Numbers and head off on an intergalactic mathematical journey that will introduce young readers to key concepts including arithmetic, shapes, fractions, percentages, and sequences. Six eccentric professors will teach budding space mathematic Cadets all there is to know about the world of numbers! Meet Captain Archimedes Brown who keeps everyone in order; Lois Carmen Denominator who’s got a passion for fractions; Di Ameter who’s a stickler for geometry; Al Jabra who loves algebra; Ava Ridge who’s looney for statistics; and last but certainly not least, Adam Up who just can’t get enough of arithmetic!Float into this gravity-free classroom, prepare yourself for antics aplenty and get ready to see math in action like never before.

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Dimensions 260 × 280 mm
Page Count 96