Scar, The

China Mieville

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Published: 06-05-2011


From the author of Perdido Street Station, an epic and breathtaking fantasy of extraordinary imagination

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Winner of the British Fantasy Award, The Scar by China Mieville is a colossal fantasy of incredible diversity and spellbinding imagination, set in the richly visualized world of Bas-Lag. A human cargo bound for servitude in exile . . . A pirate city hauled across the oceans . . . A hidden miracle about be revealed . . . These are the ingredients of an astonishing story. It is the story of a prisoner’s journey. Of the search for the island of a forgotten people, for the most astonishing beast in the seas, and ultimately for a fabled place – a massive wound in reality, a source of unthinkable power and danger.

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