Sad Animal Facts: Baby Talk

Brooke Barker

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Published: 04-10-2018


The sweetest, saddest, funniest facts about baby animals by New York Times bestselling illustrator and Instagram sensation Brooke Barker.

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Baby animals don’t play with toys. They don’t have favourite colours. And they don’t learn songs unless for self-defence. In this beautifully illustrated compendium of sweet and sad facts, Brooke Barker takes us into the world of baby animals and shows us just how complicated and adorable their creation and fight for survival can be, from the moose who try to mate with cars, to the single parrots who talk to blenders and the newborn elephants who can’t control their trunks. If you already think you’d like to hug a baby animal Sad Animal Facts: Baby Talk will make you realize just how much they need it.

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