Sacred Creators Oracle, The: A 67-Card Deck & Guidebook for Your Creator Soul

Chris-Anne, Chris-Anne Donnelly

Format: Cards

Publisher: Hay House Inc

Published: 19-01-2021


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You are the architect of your one life! This completely revised and updated Hay House edition of The Sacred Creators Oracle is a deck of 62 oracle cards that will help you to align your intuition and inner wisdom with your strategies and plans to create your business, your passion and your inspired life. With messages like ‘Cozy Up with Risk’, ‘The Spark of Hustle’ and ‘Feed Your Artist’ on bright, watercolour cards, this deck is all about guiding the reader to make inspired choices and bold moves to further their vision. As you build your big sacred dream, there are moments when you will benefit from a daily mantra, a meditation or a thought-provoking idea about where you are headed. This deck provides a fun and simple way to push yourself to think differently and to solve the puzzles you encounter by having fun, and by accessing our inner knowing. This product was previously published on Kickstarter; this is an updated edition published by Hay House.

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