Relate Guide to Better Relationships, The: Practical Ways to Make Your Love Last from the Experts in Marriage Guidance

Sarah Litvinoff

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Ebury Publishing

Published: 01-02-2001


This guide offers practical exercises and guidelines to increase mutual understanding amongst married couples, tackling issues of confrontation and commitment, amongst others.

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‘When I fall in love it will be forever…’ or so goes the song. The reality can be different and the truth is that the nature of relationships will change over time. Few things can be more distressing than finding that you and your partner are no longer communicating the way you used to, that problems have developed, or that your relationship seems to have broken down. With 60 years cumulative experience of marriage guidance, the experts at Relate know better than most how to overcome relationship difficulties and in so doing create a strong, long-lasting partnership. This highly practical guide is packed full of relationship advice, exercises and guidelines to help you better understand yourself and your partner: – discover what makes your partner tick – test your compatibility – learn how to talk, listen and hear what each other is saying – improve your sex life – deepen your love through tackling problems together.

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