Rehearsals for the Real World

Robin Lindsay Wilson

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Cinnamon Press

Published: 16-11-2020


357 microfictions exploring viewpoint and the human condition. For dream students but also the general reader wanting to peel away the masks we wear.

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Each of the compelling microfictions in this extraordinary collection is a monologue spoken by someone with a distinctive point-of-view. Weaving together, the human condition is expressed by characters addressing their positive, negative, humorous, tragic and contradictory thoughts, so that the overall effect is immersive and full of revelation and insight. For drama students, each monologue presents specific textual challenges to a performer in training. For all those fascinated by what makes us human, these tightly honed and layered pieces throw a spotlight on the attitudes, difficulties and relationships which make up the world at large. A compendium of five hundred and fifty-eight first person micro-fiction monologues, Rehearsals for the Real World builds bridges between and interrogates the nature of drama’s relationship to life, peeling away the masks we wear and providing a rich repository that will inspire, educate and delight alike drama students and all readers fascinated by the human condition.