Reflections: Andrew Logan in Conversation with Andrew Lambirth

Andrew Lambirth

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Unicorn Publishing Group

Due to be published: 29th Sep '22

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Told in his own words, in response to questions from the writer and art critic Andrew Lambirth, this book chronicles Andrew Logan’s life and work through expressive anecdote and factual recollection. Reflections is a look back, but also a look at the present and a look forward: it is about the meaning of Andrew’s world and the sculpture he has made to fill it, and about his approach to art, to friendship and to living in London and Wales. The Alternative Miss World, founded by Andrew in 1972, is at the heart of his philosophy, not just the world’s greatest drag act (though it is this too), but an exhilarating celebration of the transformative power of the imagination. Andrew’s work, which is all about joy and beauty, is inspiring and uplifting. This book, based upon discursive interviews dealing with all periods of his career, explains and contextualises it fully for the first time.

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Dimensions 196 × 240 mm
Page Count 368