Redeemed Video Study: Turning Brokenness into Something Beautiful

Randy Phillips, RT Phillips, Tim Phillips, Tim R. Phillips, Timothy R. Phillips

Format: DVD video

Publisher: HarperChristian Resources, Zondervan

Published: 16th Feb '21


Each CORE five-session video study features real-life stories of men who have faced real-life challenges and discovered transformation, redemption, restoration, purpose, and identity. These stories serve as a catalyst for men to start being real about their own stories and realize they are not alone in the struggle.

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The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you found out why. Mark Twain God has led us to a particular place, with a particular talent, to show God’s character to a particular people. But there are forces actively seeking to keep us from experiencing our intended design and calling. God is in the business of taking the things we think disqualify us-whether it’s a broken relationship, the wound of fatherlessness, a humiliating failure, or out-of-control emotions-and turning it into a fulfilling life purpose and a new identity, as God’s sons. In this first CORE for Men study, Redeemed, we learn about: Calling: God has a specific calling and purpose for us, and he gives us gifts to fulfill that calling. Pain: God redeems losses, even when those losses are life-altering and life-defining. Identity: Our heavenly Father transforms the rejection and wounds of our earthly father, giving us a new identity. Forgiveness: It’s never too late to pursue reconciliation, whether you have been the one hurt or the one who created the hurt. Purpose: Personal loss, tragedy, and failure do not disqualify us from being a vibrant participant in God’s purpose. Sessions include:* Called (Mariano Rivera, pitcher, New York Yankees) (10:00) Redemption (Kyle Oxford, tattoo artist) (9:00) Sons (Tommy Green, lead singer, Sleeping Giant) (12:00) Restoration (Robert Irving III, music director for Miles Davis) (12:00) Purpose (Tom Paterson, master strategic thinker) (12:00) *The DVD includes lifetime access to streaming video of all sessions. Brought to you by the men behind Promise Keepers, the passion behind the CORE for Men studies is to create spaces where men have permission to be real. Spaces where men discover they are not alone with the kind of doubts and fears they face. Spaces where they have like-minded brothers who are there with them. The two CORE for Men studies-Redeemed and Transformed-feature five real-life stories of men who have faced their two biggest battles: Isolation and Disqualification. Isolation: “If you knew how messed up some of my life is, you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me.” Disqualification: “If you knew how messed up some of my life is, you wouldn’t want me to have anything to do with you.” There has never been a more critical need to equip men with the tools to win the battles over their hearts and futures. CORE for Men invites men to step out of shame and isolation and encourages them to step into their God-given purpose. Designed for use with CORE for Men: Redeemed Study Guide (9780310131618), sold separately.

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