Rebellious Rakes: Rake Most Likely to Rebel (Rakes on Tour) / Rake Most Likely to Thrill (Rakes on Tour)

Bronwyn Scott

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Published: 18th Oct '18


Rebellious Rakes Outrageous hell-raisers let loose in Europe!

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Rebellious Rakes Outrageous hell-raisers let loose in Europe! Rake Most Likely To Rebel Haviland North, Viscount Amersham, has come to Paris to prove his skill with the blade. But feisty Alyssandra Leodegrance is not the opponent he was expecting! As expert swordplay leads to sizzling sensuality it’s difficult to say who will win…or what they will claim as their prize! Rake Most Likely To Thrill Archer Crawford is in Siena to compete in its notorious horse race – only daredevils need apply! But on his first night, he meets beautiful Elisabeta di Nofri. Elisabeta is determined to savour one last taste of freedom before an unwelcome marriage is forced upon her. Can Archer and Elisabeta risk everything to win what they truly want…?

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