Ralph Breaks the Internet The Official Guide

Matt Jones

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

Published: 25th Oct '18


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Young Disney movie fans can discover everything they have ever wanted to know about the awesome sequel to Wreck-It Ralph. What crazy capers are Ralph and Vanellope up to now? Is the Internet full of cats? Does Yesss know how to make the most viral memes? KnowsMore has all the answers to these questions, and kids can too with Ralph Breaks the Internet: The Official Guide. Read all about old friends from Litwak’s Arcade and meet fun new ones, including JP Spamley, Gord, and Maybe. With this illustrated guide, kids can travel with Ralph and Vanellope into the exciting world of the Internet and explore new websites like BuzzTube and OhMyDisney.com. Just be careful of Double Dan and Little Dan! (c) 2018 Disney

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